Realizing the future scope of computer related education and the dire and urgent needs of the people of this far flung and rural area, Modern college of Language and Computer Sciences was initially started in the year 2000, first as Modern college of Computer Sciences in a campus at Purana Wapda Chowk (The Old Wapda Chowk) of the city and then, to meet the increasing number of students, in a vast campus near Ghalla Mandi (The Grain Market) of the city where separate classes for girls and boys were arranged.
Modern college of Computer Sciences had been the pioneer institute of computer studies in this whole area. The people of the area received it well and appreciated the cause behind it. Earlier the students with limited resources had to travel to a big city to avail this type of education and majority of the people were unaware of it. They had no exposure of such modern studies and courses that would help them a lot in earning their livelihood. The establishment of an institute which would provide them quality education and training was a great achievement.
In spite of less awareness, more than 50 students got Certificate Information Technology which was a project of Skill Development Council (SDC), an institute constituted by the Ministry of Labour, Manpower & Overseas Pakistanis, Government of Pakistan on the initiative of World Bank, I.L.O. & Employer Federation of Pakistan under the National Training Ordinance – 1980. In order to access international organizations and to improve the standards of education in this rural area, this college started courses of Information Technology (IT) in the year 2002-03. About 200 students got diploma of IT and made a name for both the college and themselves. Amongst the growing interests and ever increasing number of students, the college was shifted to a new and present location: House#254, Street#1, Madina Block, Pirmahal. Here the students were offered the courses of IT, CIT, DID and PG-DIT.
In realizing the need and importance of English Language for the people of this area, Some English Language courses were offered in the year 2005-06. The students were given Spoken English courses and an opportunity for preparing IELTS locally. Availing this facility in their own town attracted a lot of students who wanted to seek study visas of European countries or to earn their livelihood there.
Gradually the college went on to add into its programs and is presently offering various courses to meet the needs of the people of all ages and groups. There are courses of English Language and Computer Studies being offered and administered successfully thereby making a name of the college internationally.

Our Staff

M. Tanveer Sarwar


Saba Aslam

Vice Principal

Rehana Zafar

Instructor English Language

Imran Noor

Instructor English Language

Usman Quaisar

Instructor Computer Architect

Salman Afzal

Instructor Web Development